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We believe in doing the right thing by the planet and people that work for us.


Our Ethos

Whether it’s our commitment to reforestation projects or treating all of our employees fairly, sustainability and our impact on both the planet and people is at the heart of what we do.


Reforestation Projects

Unfortunately most industry is damaging to the environment. We all generate carbon and have a
responsibility to reduce this at every opportunity. However in todays world reduction is not enough we need to reverse our atmospheric carbon level. One of the best ways we can do this is by planting trees. Trees naturally absorb carbon from the atmosphere and return life giving oxygen in exchange. Trees also restore our native forests and promote growth of our local ecosystem and natural flora and fauna. When you buy a 6ix Process design tank or brewhouse we will plant trees in accordance with the amount spent. For example a semi automated 25HL system will garnish a small forest of 50 trees!

Happy team

Responsible Employer

Fair wages for fair work.

At 6ix Process design (6pd) we glad to say we are a living wage employer.

We are pleased to pay our skilled engineers and tradesmen the wages they deserve.

We also support skilled apprentice schemes ensuring we continue the fine long standing tradition of manufacturing in the UK.


Locally Sourced

Our Equipment is made right here in the UK.

When buying 6ix Process Design (6pd) you are supporting the local economy we can also offer tours of our facility ensuring, progress updates in person and factory acceptance tests.

When choosing 6ix Process Design you are opting out of long distance manufacturing headaches, extensive lead times and long and costly sea voyages from the other side of the world.

Buying local is always buying sustainable.

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