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50HL Twin channel 4 vessel Automated brewhouse, 140HL liquor tanks, 6 x 50HL Dpv’s & 6 x 100HL Dpv’s, 10HL 3 tank automated CIP set, Full cellar installation inc cooling lines & stainless steel walkway.

Another order following on from Siba Beer X March 2020 where we showcased our smaller 30HL 3-tank automated brewhouse.

Wayne & Lee of Brewyork visited our stand numerous times and soon took a keen interest in our build quality and design.

After weeks of consultation and site visits we finally agreed upon a design for the following bespoke brewing system.

Our most complicated system to date, the brewhouse boasts high-gravity and low-gravity mash lauter combi vessels offering a range of beer styles.

The system can also be used in x2 vessel or x3 vessel configuration or can accommodate x2 side-by-side brew lengths delivering x2 50HL batches of the same or completely different beers side my side. An impressive output of 100HL of beer in as little as 04:30hrs.

With this capability at their fingertips it is no surprise they were crowned SIBA Brewery of the Year 2022, almost one year to the date of their first commissioning brews on this state of the art system.

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