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Anspach & Hobday

Installation date:

September 2022


Design, Supply, Install & Commission a 40HL 3 Vessel Semi Automated Brew house

Jack Hobday & Paul Anspach initially started the conversation with us in November 2021 with an order pencilled in for December 2021, unfortunately this was not achievable. January 2022 saw unprecedented increase in stainless steel which meant that the original system that was quoted went far over budget. We continued our talks with the guys & come up with a solution that inevitably worked for them & fit within the budget. Fast forward 6 months & the kit was installed in Croydon. We re-used existing vessels on site for the HLT & CLT & the brew house itself was powered by a Lanemark gas burner to heat the 40HL copper. The system consisted of a Mash Lauter Tun, Copper & Whirlpool

The turn around from getting the old kit out to this new system being installed & commissioned was 10 days.

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