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Semi-Automated Brewhouse Installation

20HL 2 Tank Brewhouse – Complete 20HL Production
System Package

Brewery equipment design

20HL 2 Tank Brewhouse

Complete 20HL Production System Package

Twin Vessel skid mounted brew block; Mash/Lauter Combi Vessel and Copper/Whirlpool Combi Vessel. Platform, ergonomic valve station and localised control panel all included. Vessel fully jacketed as standard but multiple heat source options available.


Integrated pump and pipework install included! Vessel fully jacketed for chilling as standard with multiple cooling source options available.


Integrated pump and pipework install included! Vessel fully jacketed for heating as standard with multiple heat source options available.

20HL 2 Tank Skid

Including mash tun & copper – steam jacketed/electrically heated, 2 x Inoxpa pumps, glass wort grant, flow meter to meter in liquor blending for mashing in.

Stainless Steel Pipework performance hydrator for mashing in the grain, steps & platform.

Skid Footprint

2.8m High x 5m Wide x 2.5m Depth. Manufactured in the UK, available within 12 weeks. Other sizes & configurations can be designed & manufactured. Can be upgraded with many optional extras.

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Manual brewhouse installation

Quality Guaranteed

Lead Times & Commissioning


Confidence of our quality

All our tanks Are fabricated in our workshop & come with a 10 year warranty & minimum 25 year shelf life Guarantee, Moving parts come with a 3 year warranty. All Fabrication requires signing off from customer prior to construction once happy with CAD drawing supplied.

Brewery Equipment

We are specialists in brewing, dairy, pharmaceutical and stainless process systems

Design, Project Management & Aftersales Support

6ix Process Design Ltd cover all aspects of the project from design and consultation all the way through to aftersales.

Consultation & Streamlining Services

With many years experience, we understand the complexities and hidden costs associated with starting up or expanding out.

Automated Brewhouse Installation

At 6ix Process Design Ltd we offer an extensive selection of various skid systems & individual tanks to meet with our clients requirements.

Manual Brewhouse Installation

Introducing our new Brew Electr-IX Starter range, consisting of two sizes – 10HL and 16HL. Plug and play system, no installation required.

Fermentation, Conditioning & Cooling

We offer several types of tanks for Fermentation & Conditioning our most popular being our own 60 degree conical dual purpose vessel (DPV).

Auxiliary Brewery Equipment

We build & supply a variety of high quality & designed Skid mounted equipment to make your business as efficient as possible.

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