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Maximising Brewery Output: The Role of Custom Fermentation and Conditioning Tanks

Discover how custom-designed fermentation and conditioning tanks can optimise the brewing process, improve beer quality, and increase overall efficiency and output.

The alchemy of brewing does not end at the mash tun or the boiling kettle; it is in the silent sanctuaries of fermentation and conditioning tanks where beer truly comes to life. At 6ix Process Design, we believe that the core of maximising brewery output lies not just in the quantity but in the calibre of these essential vessels. Custom-designed fermentation and conditioning tanks are more than just containers; they are the crucibles of quality and efficiency.

Crafting Tanks for Craft Beer

The brewing industry is evolving, with craft brewers constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out in a crowded market. Custom tanks tailored to the unique needs of a brewery can be the differentiator. The 60-degree conical dual-purpose vessel (DPV) that we’ve pioneered is more than an industry standard—it’s a strategic tool in optimising the brewing process. Its design promotes efficient yeast removal and helps achieve clearer beer, without the need for excessive handling or transfers that can impact beer quality.

Case Study: A Tailored Approach to Capacity Expansion

One of our clients, a thriving craft brewery, faced a common challenge: increasing production without sacrificing the artisanal quality that defined their brand. They turned to us for a solution. We designed a suite of custom fermentation and conditioning tanks, each engineered to maximise space and complement their existing setup. The result was a 30% increase in output while maintaining the signature taste profile that made their brews beloved by customers.

Precision in Process, Perfection in Product

Custom tanks allow for precise temperature control, a critical factor in fermentation and conditioning. This control ensures consistency in production, a cornerstone of scaling up. Whether it’s the robustness of a stout or the crispness of a pilsner, each brew has its own ideal conditions that our tanks maintain with unwavering accuracy. This precision is what transforms a good beer into a great one—and a great one into a commercial success.

Efficiency: The Engine of Expansion

Our case studies have shown that efficiency doesn’t just mean faster; it means smarter. By incorporating features like integrated cooling jackets and advanced insulation, our custom tanks minimise energy use while speeding up the conditioning process. This energy efficiency reduces operational costs and contributes to a more sustainable brewing practice—benefits that every modern brewery seeks.

Designing for Durability and Quality

The build quality of our tanks is second to none, using high-grade stainless steel that ensures longevity and meets the highest hygiene standards. The confidence we have in our craftsmanship is reflected in the long-term relationships we build with our clients, and the trust they place in our tanks to deliver batch after batch of exceptional beer.

Your Brewing Ambition, Realised

At 6ix Process Design, our dedication to custom tank design and manufacturing isn’t just about steel—it’s about realising the ambition of every brewer we work with. Our vessels do more than ferment and condition; they embody the bespoke nature of your brewery’s vision. They are designed not just to fit your space but to enhance your brewing artistry.

Custom fermentation and conditioning tanks are more than an investment in your brewery’s infrastructure—they are a statement of your commitment to quality, a nod to efficiency, and a leap towards a future of sustained growth. Let’s raise a glass to tanks that do more than hold beer—they elevate it.

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